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Paypal Donations

You are invited to make a donation towards the cost of the operation. We use PayPal as the major payment system, so your donation will be secure. You can even donate via email if you are 'not a member of PayPal yet' - see instructions below.

If the PayPal page does not show up in your local language (and does show up in German instead) please send us an email. We are working to solve this problem.

Paypal Donation in EURO
Your Callsign:

In Paypal please enter your callsign and/or name that we can put you on the sponsor list on our website.

If you do not have a PayPal account but a valid email address, please send us an email with the subject 'PP request VK9DWX - 'yourcall' and the amount of money you would like to donate. In return, we will send you a money request through PayPal, simply follow the steps outlined in the mail you receive.